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"ancora imparo" - still I am learning
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Hello @linkinpark! It was so good to see you all again tonight ❤️. Can never pass up an opportunity to see this kickass band when they’re in town👍. Hands down favorite part about concerts: when everybody sings in unison 🎤 #secondtime #mychildhood #SinceMeteora #concertaddict (at Chula Vista Amphitheater)

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Beach Day Round 2! Turning into such a #beachbum 😎  (at Coronado Beach)
First time having Better Buzz #Coffee! Life is better buzzed….and with @leilahkay 😘 #coffeeaddict (at Better Buzz Coffee Fashion Valley)
It’s not a beach day unless you get that jumping photo ✌️#stuntin (at Pacific Coast Beach)
Beach day with these dorks 😎👍  (at Pacific Coast Beach)
Indie Jam 2014 @ Oceanside Amphitheater! Now playing: J Roddy Walston #indiejam2014  (at Oceanside Pier)
A “Monster Waffle” with Turkish Coffee and Mint Chip ice cream. Officially one of my favorite artisan waffle places! The waffles by themselves were so unique and delicious 😘❤️. The owner, Paul, is a super nice man from Budapest who was just awesome with his service too! A big fan 😁👍.   (at Gaufree)
With good company 😁 get to kick it with @dududuyen haven’t seen #TheBroccoli in forever! #akathedancegod #akathedancingdoctor (at Haute Cakes Caffe)

Surprised my parents with a Buddha Board…and they absolutely love it! Basically it’s a blank canvas where you can do calligraphy…with just water! 😱 When water touches the surface, it shows up black like ink…then it all evaporates away - leaving you with a blank surface every time😶. Style points for enabling the Asian-ness ✌️. This is my mommy showing off her artsy side ❤️✒️🎨 #buddhaboard #coolgadgets #zen #absolutelyaddicting #magic

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englishsnowLars Wästfelt

■ Werner Herzog Discusses his Unique Career


You don’t seem to be interested in re-creating our daily lives, but instead in presenting something you’ve called “the ecstatic truth.” You want to present something recognizable in an unrecognizable way.

Well, recognizable on a much deeper level, where you recognize yourself all of a sudden. I’m trying to find these rare moments where you feel completely illuminated. Facts never illuminate you. The phone directory of Manhattan doesn’t illuminate you, although it has factually correct entries, millions of them. But these rare moments of illumination that you find when you read a great poem, you instantly know. You instantly feel this spark of illumination. You are almost stepping outside of yourself and you see something sublime. And it can be something very average, some small thing that everybody overlooks. For example, in Grizzly Man, Timothy Treadwell filmed himself. He’s in the Starsky and Hutch mode and reenacts them and does something and he jumps and runs away and the camera is rolling. Twenty seconds later he returns as Starsky and Hutch and switches the camera off. And in these 20 seconds there is only reed grass wafting in the wind. And all of a sudden I notice something very big out there. An image that wanted its own existence. That’s so powerful and so strange and so illuminating that I had to show it in the film. And everybody overlooked it and I have to point it out. It’s something very, very strange and it can be the most insignificant, which all of a sudden acquires something deep and almost illuminating of your existence. You’re deep inside into the nature of things, into the abysses of the human soul.

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